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Hello calling all creators, innovators, photographers, and artists,

(Disclaimer this group is absolutely free, and I WILL NOT BE SELLING ANYTHING. This group is only a tool for its members to network and create content together that is it. I hate when I join someone's meetup group and I go there just to find out that it is just some sales pitch. THIS IS NOT THAT!!!)

This is a group for you and here is why:

Do you ever scroll through someone's social media feed and see all the cool and exciting stuff that others are doing and wish it was you. Now it can be.

This group is for the average person, who can't afford by himself/herself to do some of the insanely fun stuff you see on TV. For example: Have you ever wanted to go sailing, I have, but its expensive just by myself, but together with a lot of people its cheaper and way more fun, and there will be photographers there to capture the moment perfectly. (Also, a great way for photographers to get there name out there, and its always kosher to tag the photographers for photo cred on your social media)

So besides being a way to pool resources its also a way for creative types and here is why:

As a group we will create and brainstorm cool photo/video ideas for content then we will go out and create content and most importantly TRY TO GET A VIDEO TO GO VIRAL!! Just kidding most importantly would be to create some awesome memories.

Do you have any suggestions for cool content? Are you an aspiring screen writer? Start writing down your ideas now. This group is whatever its members make of it. Lets make it memorable.

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