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Less than a decade old, Social Media is a term that is still constantly being redefined. It's contant state of evolution means its "experts" and "novices" regularly trade places. If you are interested in becoming a defining part of this evolution...join this group!

We'll meet once every six weeks with a theme to propel an exploration of what is currently happening and what is yet to come in Social Media.

Please plan to commit 2-4 hours between each meeting to researching, exploring, investigation and synthesizing your thoughts about a specific subject.

You probably noticed the $20 membership fee. The fee is intended to discourage members who just want to add another group to their meetup portfolio. I intend to dedicate a large amount of time/money to making this group great - if you want to be a part of that $20 is a small price to pay.

Please only join this group if you are serious about dedicating the time and effort to leading the social media conversation...that said, don't mistake us for a stuffy office staff meeting.

We'll make fun and funny a priority at all of our casual meetups :)

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