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Introverts. Highly Sensitive Persons. Empathetic/Gifted Adults. If you crave social interaction but dislike noise, small talk, and crowded social events, this might be the group for you. Our activities are designed specifically for those of us who seek out quiet spaces for authentic connection, stimulating conversation, and low-key nature outings.

Activities in the pipeline:

• Museum visits

• Afternoon walks at various Seattle parks.

• Discussion roundtables. Topics include:
- Balancing career and personal fulfillment
- Brene Brown's presentations on vulnerability (
- Elaine Aron's books on Highly Sensitive Persons ( (HSP)
- The inter connectivity of stress, health and fitness
- Ted Talks lectures (
- Emotional self-defense in the workplace

• Art appreciation and discussion. Nearly everyone has downloads of favorite artwork, photos, or other images that they find inspiring or thought-provoking. Why not put together a shared gallery and see what sparks discussion?

• Poetry and written word sharing.

Just a friendly reminder: this is a social meetup, NOT a group therapy project. (Let's leave that to the professionals.) As such, the objective is to provide a relaxed and healthy environment in which members can enjoy themselves. Meeting locations are only revealed to members, and the health of the group will always come first.

Links of interest

* Elaine Aron's Highly Sensitive Persons test

* Brene Brown's breakthrough lecture on vulnerability

* Susan Cain on the Power of Introverts

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