Weekly Small Talk Workshop

This is a past event

5 people went

Every week on Wednesday

Needs a location


A lot of us hate small talk. I know I did... I didn't see the point in it. That was until I discovered that I was doing it wrong. I didn't realise there are a million ways to connect with people through engaging in small talk and often it is the first step on a staircase to deeper connection with others.

It's essential to be comfortable and free-flowing with chitchat if you want to get ahead in the workplace, events and of course dating.

There are lots of ways to make your general style of communication more engaging but even if I told them to you it would be very hard to practice when actually meeting strangers because there is too much going on. You always have to be thinking of what to say. A workshop space is perfect for choosing one skill at a time to focus on and get some practice in, and we will be doing one skill each week. I promise it will be loads of fun.

The workshop is technically FREE OF CHARGE
But meetup.com IS NOT
Please donate generously to cover my costs as I will have to impose a charge if I am out of pocket.

PS. This is an exclusive event because it's in my house to save on venue hire. If you RSVP "Yes" then please message me to say hello so that I know you have read the description, and then I will share the address.