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Please read before clicking 'join.' Group limited to 50 *active* members. (Overflow=waitlist.) If you've NEVER played soccer before, or haven't played since elementary school (whether that was 20, 30, or 40 years ago), this is the Meetup for you. Social Soccer is a low-key, purely recreational opportunity to get out in the fresh air and sunlight and get some exercise. Get off your duff -- get out there, get moving, and make some new friends!

Social Soccer is for adults (18+) who are beginners. We are particularly looking for new players over 40, and women of any age. If you have ball-handling skills, there are several Meetups that would be a better fit for you. THIS IS *NOT* AN ALL-SKILLS. THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT PLAY SOCCER.

We play a SLOW, small-sided game (5v5 to 7v7). Social Soccer is strictly recreational! There is no instruction, no coaching, no strategy, etc. We do not play positions. We are loosey-goosey with the official rules. We don’t call offside (in front of the goal is where the best conversations happen!), and the last goal wins.

Social Soccer is intended to be good exercise and a lot of fun, without the weekly commitment, overblown egos, and competitive aggression of league play.

Social Soccer is neither a league nor a pickup group (no walk-ons). It’s more like a club for the Bad News Bears of soccer.

Social Soccer is intentionally a very SLOW game. Social Soccer is for people who are possibly a little athletic, but not soccer players. We take a lot of breaks, make a lot of jokes, and sometimes eat donuts at halftime. We are not serious (or very fit, for that matter).

Social Soccer is non-competitive and as safe as we can possibly make it. There is no slide tackling, no extended contact, etc.

Location and time: We play Saturday mornings in the University City/North Clairemont area.

Commitment: The group is free and there’s no weekly obligation, but we’re a small group looking for **participants and not placeholders**.

Grace period: To free up spots for eager new players, any member dormant for six months will be removed. New members who don’t play within four weeks of being accepted will also be removed. You’re motivated to join, be motivated to play! (And by play… that means run a little, and talk a lot.) New joins who came out once, but don't come out again will be removed after eight weeks.

The primary objective of Social Soccer is to have fun, make friends, and get yourself moving.

Bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and bring both a dark and a light shirt so we can have clearly defined teams.


Please note that there is inherent risk in any sport, recreational soccer included. Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent injury, such as discouraging reckless play and forbidding sliding tackles, but accidents and injuries may occur.

By registering for this Meetup and/or attending and participating in any scheduled event, I (and any guests I bring) agree that:

This event can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury or even death. The organizers of this group and its members, as well as its sponsors, supporters, and affiliates, will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. I HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT. I FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS. I UNDERSTAND THERE IS AN ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND I HEREBY RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY, CLAIMS, DEMANDS, LOSSES, OR DAMAGES IN WHOLE OR IN PART, ALL THE MEMBERS, AFFILIATES, SPONSORS, AND ORGANIZERS OF THIS GROUP.

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