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BALTIMORE SUPPORT GROUP for SOCIAL ANXIETIES. Shy, Introverts and Anxious people.

Over the summer I have canceled the all the meetings, since I have to work evenings. I would still like to be supportive. So, “If You NEED To PHONE A FRIEND,” I’m Here For YOU! You can always give me a send me a message over meet up.com . Or call me 301-606-7169, (due to excessive telemarketing, I will call you right back if I do not recognize the number). I am a 24 hour seven person, I don’t sleep much. So if you need to reach out to someone, and you have no one else, please call me! At night, just text first.

I am a true and genuine person and if you have no one else to turn to, definitely reach out to me! But I’m not here to be your best friend, sorry I have a very busy life. But I do have downtime, so I Always have time for a Quick Phone Call.

Welcome! Hi. I'm Rachel! I’ve been facilitating a support group in DC since 2011. I'm the organizer of " DC Social Anxiety Support Group Events" Meet Up. I have social anxieties, and was becoming agoraphobia, by self-isolating and avoiding human interactions. I live in Baltimore and I wanted to expand into this area. Typically we have 4-8 people attending our weekly Wednesday meetings. Ages ranging from 18yrs-45yrs.

Baltimore meetings are on Wednesdays at 7:30-8:30pm. Please check the comment section before you leave the house. I work for a 24 hour courier service so I'm always on call. Sometimes I have to cancel at the last minute so please check the comments or your messages .

We'll start with a Casual Conversation about Social Skills. As we wait for everyone to arrive. Please, still show up even if you're late. We'll go around and say our Names and a Personal Triumph. Then we will have an Open Discussion. We can discuss different social situations, difficulties, and challenges. We will finish the meeting with Personal Goals.

Hopefully together we will find Good Solutions, Ideas, and Advice.

The purpose of this meeting, so you can go through the day in a calm and smoother way, with less anxieties.

This group might not be the exact answer for you, but it is a great place to start! Please consider attending at least of our meet ups. Once you get the momentum rolling, you will surprise yourself!

We also do different fun activities around the city.

Please note this is peer support only NOT Professional help. This is for people with social anxieties only, if you want to bring a friend or family member as encouraging support that's fine.

STUDENTS! If you are "required to attend a support group" for a College Course Credit, you're can call me to discuss you LEADING one of our meeting.(I mean guiding our the conversation with me shadowing you.) I we post a notice for that Wednesday, stating, we will be having a guest facilitator. You are NOT Allowed to just come to Observe Us. (Go to AA instead, because these people are too SHY! I have a hard enough time getting them to open up and talk about their issues, without you watching them!) Thank you for Respecting Our Shyness.

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