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Is your “Yodelers Between 26 and 26 and a Half Who Crossfit But Also Play Oboe” group not meeting often enough for you? Tired of introducing yourself to strange people with the “Literally Every Person Within 200 Miles Pretty Please Come Drink and Make Awkward Conversation at a Bar” group? Never attended a MeetUp because people from the Internet are probably weird, but maybe you should because you’d like to get out more?

Welcome to Social(er) Things. We’ve got a simple philosophy: Relatively Normal People™ + Interesting Things = Fun.

Relatively Normal People™? What the hell does that mean? We’re glad you asked. You don’t need to be a social butterfly or celebrity debutante, but you *do* need to be a person people don’t actively hide from at parties.

Introvert? Not sure about coming to a MeetUp? Cool. We do our best to make all newcomers feel welcome. Kinda nerdy? Us, too. Want to test out your latest multi-level marketing product sales pitch? Creepily hit on all the single ladies? Continue talking at people who are trying desperately to escape conversation with you? You won’t be invited back.

What kind of interesting things? Hatchet throwing. Cocktail school. Hiking trips. Brewery and distillery tours. New restaurants. Metalworking while drinking. Art galleries and festivals. Wine tastings. Live music. We’re open to suggestions, too, so let’s hear your ideas, and thanks for stopping by!

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Old School Arcade (and Cider) - Cidercade!

Cidercade Dallas

Dragon Street Art Walk

905 Dragon St

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