What we're about

Do you:

- Get a little lost for words sometimes in conversation?

- Become nervous before heading to an event where you know they’ll be new people?

- Feel comfortable chatting 1-1 but lose your voice in groups?

- Struggle to leave a lasting impression on people?

- Feel like you get spoken over or not heard?

Join Joe as he delivers training on some of the following topics:

• Mindset around social interactions
• What rejection actually means and how to manage it
• Creating a memorable impression
• Evoking emotions in others
• 5-star introductions and ending a conversation
• Statements vs questions
• Social status
• Managing self-consciousness
• Keeping a conversation going

When the pain of social anxiety finally got too much, Joe decided to address the issue once and for all. After hours of dedicated study and practice, he found a way out. Having spent the last two years working for some of the top social skills training companies in London, he has a strong arsenal of exercises, theories and actionable steps to share.

Shattering his fear of public speaking by entering professional speaking competitions which led to speaking at seminars on charisma, Joe is proof that a life free of shyness is there if you want it and “There is always a way!”

This Meetup will be interactive so, come prepared to meet lots of new people, but don’t forget your pen and paper as there’s sure to be some great nuggets of information to jot down.

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