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Sunday Morning Mall Walk w/ the South Shore Walkabouts


Join the South Shore Walkabouts and Social Fun members and guests @ the South Shore Plaza in Braintree as the South Shore Walkabouts continue their Sunday Morning Mall Walks in February! We are looking forward to continuing our Sunday Mall Walks in February, then see what members would like to do going forward - either continuing weekly or switching to every other week thru March and possibly into April.

We will walk the mall and then possibly settle in at the Food Court for a little while to plan future meetups, chat more, and possibly indulge in a beverage or food. With the newly added Nordstrom wing, it is possible to walk a mile without all of the nooks and crannies. The walk will last about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how long we decide we want to walk. [Plan to join us for an hour if you only plan to walk, or about 1&1/2 hours if you plan to join us in the Food Court after our walk.]

For our Mall Walks, we will use the following general "game plan." We will walk the first floor first and then go upstairs to walk the second floor which is carpeted. We will plan to walk about 3 miles. The first 1/2 of our first lap will be at a casual leisurely pace. The next 1/2 lap we will pick-up the pace. The final 1/2 lap we will walk a casual leisurely pace. All in all, the plan is to walk 1 lap on the 1st floor and 2 laps on the 2nd floor. I will lead the way so you can learn the walking route.

Please Note:
-The Mall opens @ 8am for Mall Walkers. The Mall officially opens for shopping @ 11:00am on Sundays.
-If you want to continue to join the Sunday Morning Mall Walks please join the South Shore Walkabouts.

-There is no need to RSVP No unless it is to change from a Yes to a No.


Sunday Morning Mall Walk w/ the South Shore Walkabouts
Sunday, February 3rd @ 9:30am
South Shore Plaza
250 Granite Street
(Route 37)
Braintree, MA 02184

Meeting Location: The Customer Service Booth on the first floor in front of Victoria's Secret where the Nordstrom and Sears wings intersect. We will wait 5-10 minutes for late arrivals.

Event Organizer(s)/Host(s): Angela
Min/Max: At least 4 Yes RSVPs by 6pm on Thursday, January 31st. Attendance is limited to 20 per group.
Guests: Welcome, 1 adult per member please.
RSVP Deadline: Please finalize your response by 6pm on Saturday, February 2nd. (You can still join us if you decide to do so after this time, however, any changes made after this time may not be seen by an Event Organizer prior to the event and are subject to our No-Show policy.)
Link to Membership Information Page which includes our No-Show Policy:
Inclement Weather: This walk is indoors so only extreme weather conditions will cancel. (We will do our best to notify everyone if this event is cancelled by 8:30am on the day of the walk.)



Overview: Located at 250 Granite Street/Route 37 in Braintree.

From Routes 93/128/95/3: Get onto Route 93 heading towards Braintree/Boston (NB) or Braintree/Cape Cod (SB).

From Route 93: Exit 6 off Route 93. Take a right off the Exit. There are entrances to the Mall at 3 lights. Enter the Mall through one of the Main Entrances.
(Best entrances are the front entrance next to Joe's and The Cheesecake Factory, the 1st level parking garage entrance next to Legal Seafood's, the 1st level parking garage entrance next to California Pizza Kitchen/Target/Nordstrom near the 99, the 2nd level parking garage above Legal Seafoods which will bring you to the Food Court, and the 2nd level parking garage entrance next to California Pizza Kitchen/Target/Nordstrom near the 99. You can also enter near Sears both in the parking garage and outside near Sprint. Angela recommends entering near California Pizza Kitchen/Target/Nordstrom.)
The Customer/Guest Service Booth is located on the first level next to the elevator in front of Victoria’s Secret and at the intersection of the Nordstrom and Sears wings.

Public Transportation: Access via bus from Braintree or Quincy T Station. Please check the MBTA website for further info.


A Note About Jackets: While there is no formal coat area, we will be walking before the Mall opens and as many walkers do, we can leave our coats on one of the benches. Since there will mostly be Mall Walkers chances are pretty good that our coats will be fine. I've never heard of a stolen coat while someone was Mall Walking. (We will pass by the bench once or twice on the first level and then we will be able to see it from the 2nd level 2 or 3 times.)