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That's at the Bostix kiosk (pictured) across from the Boston Main library.

This is co- posted with New England Flash Mobbers. Already 64 signed up (2 groups). Sombody please take photos, it will be the easiest photos you ever took.

"12:15 pm to 12:20
Be in the square, be normal foot traffic. At 12:15:00, freeze for exactly 5 minutes.

"There will not be a signal.

- Recruit friends for this one.
- Be creative, but don't pick a pose you can't hold.
- Blinking is OK. So is breathing, and other vital functions, but I do suggest going to the bathroom at least half an hour beforehand.

There'll be a Meetup afterward. Gather at the kiosk.

Plan is to grab a bite at a nearby food truck and then socialize near the grassy area, if we can find some benches.

Posted by: New England Flash Mobbers.



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