Past Meetup

Thermodynamics, fermentation, and hydroponics applied to a three course meal


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in One Act

Join Clover Food Lab, Mystic Brewery, and Backyard Farms for a delicious evening of culinary acrobatics, delving into the world of state changes, thermodynamics, fermentation, and hydroponics as they relate to our three meals a day.


The Search for the Perfect Fast Food Egg; learnings from Burger King and the Clover Food Lab test kitchen (with a little nod to modernist cuisine) with Ayr Muir, Founder, CEO of Clover Fast Food and the Clover food development team.


You're Going to Grow a Tomato in a Glass Box in Maine? The science of growing a sustainable mid-winter tomato in the snow without exploiting workers or harming the environment. Featuring Backyard Farms, the largest supplier of hydroponic tomatoes in the Northeast.


From a Cambridge plum to your pint glass: Fermentation 101 with Bryan Greenhagen, wild yeast hunter, PhD, owner of Mystic Brewery, who is pioneering the harvesting and development of house yeast strains to craft delicious beer.

Followed by reception at Clover Kendall, featuring Mystic Brewery beer launch from 8-10pm.

Cost: Free but you must per-register at .

The Free-And-Cheap-Things-in-Boston Group will be joining us-


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