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Ponkapoag Trail Beginner-Friendly Hike & Picnic!


Let's meet for a Saturday Morning Beginner-Friendly Hike & Picnic @ Ponkapoag Trail @ the Ponkapoag Golf Course! This is one of our favorite beginner-friendly hiking locations. This hike is so easy we sometimes call it a walk. We will be meeting near the map as you approach the golf course and will start and end our hike along the golf course. The sections along the golf course are mostly paved. The balance of the hike is groomed trails with mostly gentle hills with a couple of challenges. This is a Green-Dot Trail within the Blue Hills Reservation. Most Green Dot Trails have very few steep inclines, some rugged terrain with a mix of flat and sometimes paved terrain, and no climbing.

This Hike is approximately 4.5 miles (give or take 1/5 mi) and takes approximately 1 & 1/2 hours to complete (give or take 5-10 minutes depending on the speed of the group). While the first and last 1/2 mile is along the golf course on a paved path the majority of the Hike is in the woods is along a path on uneven ground, yet very beginner-friendly .This Hike is in the woods and near water so it is recommended that you wear bug spray. You may also want a hat, sunglasses and water. We use the paved path along the golf course for our warm-up and cool-down and get to watch some golf along the way.

This will be a great way to take in the fall foliage, enjoy a heart-healthy walk/hike and socialize with fellow South Shore Walkabouts and friends over a picnic lunch. There is a concession stand inside with some food, including hot dogs, sandwiches, chips and beverages. Please join us for a Beginner-Friendly Hike & Picnic!

This event is being held in conjuction with other local meetup groups. Please do not double-book or triple-book by RSVP'ing Yes on multiple meetup groups. Simply RSVP Yes w/ ONE Group and RSVP No w/ the rest stating in your comments that you "already RSVPed w/" whichever other group.

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Ponkapoag Trail Beginner-Friendly Hike & Pinic!

Saturday, October 13th @ 10:30am

Ponkapoag Trail @ Ponkapoag Golf Course

2167 Washington Street

Canton, MA

No phone #.

Website: Google the DCR.

Meeting Location: Map near the entrance to the Golf Course.

Event Organizer(s): Angela & Paul K

Min/Max: At least 6 Yes RSVPs by 8pm on Thursday, October 11th. Attendance is limited to 45 total people. Each group is limited as follows: Social Fun - 20, Walkabouts - 18, Fit Clubs - 5, SSHBSC - 12 (This adds up to 55 but also covers the hosts who overlap in multiple meetup groups and allows for a No-Show or two.)

Guests: 1 adult per member is welcome.

Late Arrivals: We will wait our traditional 5-10 minutes for late arrivals.

RSVP Deadline: Please finalize your RSVP by 8pm on Friday, October 12th. Any changes made after this time may not be seen by an Event Organizer prior to the event and are subject to our No-Show policy.

Link to Membership Information Page which includes our No-Show Policy:

Inclement Weather: Heavy rains will cancel. We will walk if it is overcast or there is a slight drizzle. Please plan to bring a lightweight jacket with a hood just in case. (We will do my best to notify everyone if this event is cancelled by 9am on the day of the walk.)

Rain Date: None at this time. We may or may not schedule another Hike @ Ponkapoag soon, depending on the foliage and weather (as the leaves will cover the path and we will not be able to see the dips and other 'obstacles' in our path, thus posing a safety risk).



Overview: The Ponkapoag Golf Course is located on Route 138 (Northbound-side) in Canton. There is a sign indicating a recreation area. This is it.

From Routes 128/95/93: Take Exit 2A/Route 138 S/Stoughton: Follow Route 138 Southbound (about 1 mile). Just before your first set of lights is the entrance to the Golf Course.

From Route 138 Northbound: Follow north past the lights at Rnadolph Street. Go straight through your next set of lights (you can only go straigth or left). Immediately after you go through the lights, take a right into the parking lot.


PLEASE NOTE: This parking lot tends to be quite crowded with golfers, walkers/hikers and those using the skating rink. If it's a really nice day out we recommend you allow a couple of extra minutes to park.