Past Meetup

Boston Mix + Mingle (M&M) for Multiple Meetup Groups



Time for another Mix +Mingle cross Meetup Private Party for 225 members at Jose McIntyre's ( (near Faneuil Hall) at 160 Milk St Boston, MA 02109. Tel. (617) 451-9460


Jose McIntyre's ( 2nd floor holds 225 people. We’ll have our own DJ, dance floor, bathrooms, appetizers, bar area, couches, bartenders, etc. so this will truly be a private party. I pre-buy $350 in appetizers (wings, veggie platter, etc.) in advance. NO refills on food so its a good reason to get there early and enjoy some great food while it lasts.

Note: Background music will be at low levels upstairs from 7 to 9PM so members will have a a quite time to chat. After 9PM the dancing + loud music starts. Please do not complain, since members come to dance to music after 9PM.

When you get there just head upstairs, (please do not block the stairway) there will be a private party sign up. Then meet/greet Biagio, your host for the night. Please say your first name, what group you are with, and pay with a $5 bill in hand at the top of the stairs (no $1 bills, please). We will be stamping hands to mark who is already in so you can go upstairs and downstairs.

1. Everyone, but the invited Meetup Group Head Organizers, pays $5 cash.

2. After 9 p.m. you will have to pay another cover charge to the bar, so stretch your dollar and come before 9PM. If you get in before 9PM you ONLY have to pay $5 to Biagio.

3. If you come after 8PM you might not get in right away and you will have to wait downstairs with the waitlisters. This always happens so its another reason to come early!

Invited Meetup Groups are:

Social Fun (Confirmed by Biagio)

Girls just want to have FUN (Confirmed by Sarah)

Fun with Alcohol! (!%20) (Confirmed by Dave)

The New to Boston Meetup Group 20's - early 30's ( ( (Confirmed by Lauren)

Young Bostonians: (Confirmed by Chelsea (

Boston Singles: (Confirmed by Matt)

Just added 5 more Groups:

Singles Geeks, Nerds and Professional: (Confirmed by Alison)

Boston Volunteers -Boston's most popular volunteer Meetup: (confirmed by Josh)

The Boston Social & Cultural Club : (Confirmed by Kathy)

The North Shore Womens Group: (Confirmed by Sue) (

Boston's City Girls: (Confirmed by Claudette):

Looking to add 1-2 more groups so let me know soon!


We normally have 220 members at these Mix and Mingle parties. I hope you can all join us for this blast of a party. It should be fun so thanks and enjoy life!

Ciao, Biagio


Please note: The snacks provided are for everyone to share and not meant to be dinner. I know many member can’t get there at 7PM and other member can and end up eating all the food in the first half hour. I’d like to ask everyone to consider their fellow member and try to limit what you eat to just a few item like 5 or 6 and not over 20 . That way the food can go around for all to share. This would be much appreciated by all. Thanks!


Parking for this event: Street parking can be tough so you can try and of course it's hit or miss. Your best bet it take the T. The closet T stop is The Aquarium stop on the Blue line, Nest would be State Street stop on the Orange line.

If you really must drive in and park then use this link:

to print out a web coupon for $10 parking after 5PM at 60 State Street Boston, MA 02109.

If link does not work use this link just make sure you click the click here to get to the coupon page and then print out the coupon with a bar code.