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Hi everyone, salut à tous !

This group is for newcomers (french or foreigners) who want to meet new people in Orléans and share some activities together !
Un groupe pour les nouveaux venus à Orléans (français ou étrangers) qui veulent se rencontrer et partager des activités !

Selon les occasions, cela peut-être simple : boire un verre, partager un restaurant, aller au cinéma, faire un jeu de société, regarder le nouvel épisode d'une série, ou plus élaboré (sorties sur une après-midi le weekend : sortie détente au spa, escape game, laser quest, nature outings...).
Depending on the event, it can be basic : share a drink or a dinner, go to the cinema, watch the last episode of a tv show, play board games, or more sophisticated (eg going out all over the day or for the afternoon on the weekend : spa, laser quest, escape game, nature outings...)

L'idée est d'organiser un meetup par mois à partir de février 2018, the idea is to set up one meetup a month from February 2018 :)

Note: The maximum number of people this group can have is 50 people. To give a chance to new people to join, inactive people (means that you have not visited the webpage of this meetup group from more than two months) are removed from the member list.

Upcoming events (2)

Share a drink or Picnic on river side (in English)

Depend if the weather is good or not. If it is, we will have a picnic on the riverside at Combleux, otherwise we will go to Darlington pub to share drink and play a game of billard. If the weather is good: picnic in Combleux Look at the map to see where is the meeting point. If the weather is bad: Darlington pub Address: Darlington 3 rue du Colombier 45000 Orléans Start time: 19:30 hours (but you can join later) I am looking to see you there! Claire PS: Some people cannot join the group due to the limit size. If you are not a membre of this group and you want to join to this event, please let me know by a private message.

The Werewolves of Millers Hollow in English (Loups Garous)

For the French National Day, I propose to meet at l'île Charlemagne to play the card game: The Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Les Loups-garous de Thiercelieux) in English! This game is a kind of role-playing. There are two groups: the villagers and the werewolfs, and only one will survive at the end. We need to be a group of at least 10 people, otherwise I will have to cancel this event. I also cross fingers that the weather will be good. L'île Charlemagne is a large place, so look at the map to know the precise place to meet. We will play on the grass ground (left side of the Île Charlemagne). Bring some food like cake and cookies, and also some drinks to share. If you don't have a car to go there, write a comment below. We can organize carpooling. PS: Some people cannot join the group due to the limit size (limited to 50 people). If you are not a member of this group and you want to join to this event, please let me know by a private message.

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Share a drink in English


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