50% off Crash Course at Chinese Language Academy. Learn Chinese in 16 Hours

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The Chinese Language Academy of San Francisco is offering a 4 week Mandarin Chinese crash course from June 16th to July 14th and they will offer a 50% off discount (original price is $400, the discounted price is $200.00) to all members of our group in June 2019. Here is their website:


This is a weekend program of FOUR afternoons (16 hours total), will run on Sundays 2-6pm, commencing June 16th and ending on July 14th. There will be no class on Independence Day weekend.

This Crash Course is a powerful sixteen-hour program designed to introduce the beginner student to the structure of the Mandarin language and build a foundation to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese. This program is CLA's featured program, and thousands of students in LA and DC have attended this program and successfully reached their learning goal. Here is a video about this program:


This is what the students are expected to achieve at the end of the 16 hours' program:

• Have a solid understanding of the structure of Mandarin Chinese (pronunciation, writing system and grammar).
• Have basic communicative skills to begin building relationships with your Chinese friends and business contacts.
• Learn to write at least 100 Chinese Characters and recognize many more.
• Be able to use the Pinyin system to pronounce any new Mandarin Chinese word you encounter in the future with correct tones.
• Be able to type Chinese on a regular keyboard.

We welcome all members of this meetup group to join our class. Registration is required. The class size is limited so we will not be able to accommodate you if you don't sign up and pay in advance. For the registration discount and more information regarding this class, please email [masked]

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at our class!

100 Pine St., Suite 1250, San Francisco, CA 94111