What we're about

This is a group for anyone that experiences social anxiety. Let's get together and discuss our anxieties and practice socializing.

Let's get out from behind our TV's, PC's and Tablets and meet with people who understand our challenges.

This is a social and support group for people who struggle with shyness and/or introversion, social anxiety and feelings of social awkwardness. We aim to get to know each other as individuals, improve our interpersonal skills and confidence, and foster new friendships. The activities in this group may include coffee/tea get-togethers, picnics, adventures, museum visits, movies, dinners, book discussions, communication workshops, etc.

If any of the following characteristics applies to you, this may be the right group for you:
- are often quiet in social situations (especially in larger groups).
- find small talk difficult and tiring.
- have low self-esteem and confidence.
- often feel disconnected and unable to relate to others.
- find it difficult to make friends.

Now ask yourself these questions:

* Are you painfully shy and quiet?
* Are you awkward in social situations, so much so that you never try new things?
* You feel misunderstood when communicating to strangers or people online (Tinder and dating sites)?
* Is shyness the number one thing holding you back in life?

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Even the cake is shy

Mugg & Bean Broadacres

After breaking my arm twice in 5 months and other calamities it's time to meet some shy people again. Join me for some coffee/tea/hot beverage and we'll share some low pressure time together. Bring some suggestions for future meetups for this group. Google says we should meet here: https://goo.gl/maps/HBG5WmfZZLv I'm asking for an optional R10 fee to go towards the cost of this group. Hope to see you there ...

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At Mix Cocktail Saturday night

21 Keyes Ave

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