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Looking to make new friends? Me too!

"For probably over thirty years—since I was old enough to know I needed them—I’ve been looking for my people.

You know the ones—the people who get you, somehow; who are on the same wavelength. Some might even say the people who share the same brand of quirky, crazy, or oddness that you do. The ones who understand why you do what you do, or if they don’t understand, they either ask or they just accept, and either way is fine."

Melissa Kirk

Sharing interests is great. Having an open mind to various political and religious beliefs systems not matching our own absolutely serves a purpose. I know. I created two successful Meetups before this one which catered to all women - from the staunchest conservative to the most liberal of liberals. One is still running successfully in the DMV.

Building those groups was immensely satisfying in many ways. But I couldn't develop the types of friendships I was seeking in those groups, as common core beliefs were often not the same. I found I was looking for a shared belief system base from which to build long lasting, real friendships.

Perhaps you're looking for the same?

You are:

A women 40 years of age or older.

Someone who enjoys meeting new people and is interested in making real friends.

Someone who loves to experience all the DMV has to offer - from food to cultural events to walks to volunteerism and more.

Someone who believes - truly believes - that all people are equal, regardless of color, religion, culture, sexual preference, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, education level, and a host of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. :) Basically, you lean left and blue when it comes to social issues. (If you voted red and can still support the social policies of this administration, this group is not for you.)

You will:

Make an effort to join in activities - or host one of your liking for the group - at least twice per year.

Come to enjoy yourself and have fun!

I'm thinking of brunches out, happy hours and wine tastings, a tour of some fabulous corner in the DMV, embassy events, volunteer efforts, live music, comedy, theater and more. What are you thinking? I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts. More than that, I'd enjoy meeting you and welcoming you to this group.

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Pat Benatar/Melissa Etheridge/Liz Phair—Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap Concert Hall

Robin's note: While this event isn't until June, tickets will sell out. Please use the discussion board under this event to spur conversation regarding your particular needs or questions. Per Gabrielle: Hi! Three great 80s/90s female artists for a decent ticket price at a nice, outdoor, summer venue! As discussed in another thread on the main discussion board, I went ahead and got tickets for Robin and me - Loge Row H seats 307 & 308. Those are the least expensive seat tickets (under cover in case it rains). With taxes and fees comes to $54.75 pp. Lawn tickets are the bottom of the price range at $35 plus tax and fees pp. Feel free to sit with/near us or elsewhere! We will plan on picnicking beforehand on the lawn somewhere, around 6/615. (Those who opt for lawn tix may want to get there even earlier to get the best location for them. and let us know where to find you!). Show starts at 730. Hope to see at least a few more join us!

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Easter Sunday Potluck Brunch (10 Spaces Available)

National Harbor

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