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Hi, I'm a socially awkward scientist that recently moved to Manchester and I know no-one. Gone are the days where you could simply walk up to someone and say "do you want to be my friend". (Namely when you were four or blind drunk in first year). So I'm doing it online instead, where apparently everything is acceptable.

I have no idea what this group will be yet. I am planning on just organising things that I like and if anyone wants to come along, great. If not, I'll probably be there anyway. (This is a lie, I'll probably just sit at home)

So things that I like that will probably feature in events include:

A few beers down the pub, maybe with a board game or two or at a pub quiz.

Maybe we could read a book one week and pretend we know what we are talking about when we discuss it over lots of cake.

We could go to a climbing wall.

Attend a life drawing class? (.)(.)

Host a wine & cheese night

Go see a movie

We could go for a walk on the weekend, or maybe even drag ourselves out for a run.

Hey, maybe we could even give occasional talks on the awesome things we all do.

I am also really into outreach stuff and STEM so if anyone wanted to do some stuff with that, that could be fun.

So yeah get in touch if this sounds like your sort of thing and I'll get some things planned.

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Board Games and Beer

Trof Northern Quarter

Hi all!! We had a great time last time. Let´s meet again on Tuesday ^^. I´ll bring few games such as Sushi Go, Deep Sea Adventure, Camel Up and more. Don´t worry if you don´t know how to play, I´ll explain you the rules ;) Also feel free to bring you own if you´d like! Please, take a look to Danielle´s last message. This Meetup group will be closed on Monday 17th (one day before this event). However, we'll create a WhatsApp group to keep talking, meeting and make sure that everyone can join us. So, let us know if you want to be in the group by replying to Danielle´s message, or via private message to myself (Xana Delpueyo) or Daniel Mata. For the ones who have already replied the message, we´ll add you to the group asap we create it. See you soon ^^

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Board Games and Beer

Needs a location