What we're about

The Society of Intuitive Research seeks to expand upon and share the knowledge and wisdom gained through Intuitive Reports in order to aid the individual and humanity as a whole. Together, we will learn more about the various forms of Intuitive Reports, e.g. Past Life Profiles, Past Life Crossings and Family Crossings.

School of Metaphysics Intuitive Reports are an outgrowth of the research and teaching of humankind’s potential spanning over forty years. An Intuitive Report from the School of Metaphysics reveals the intentions of the soul in this lifetime and describes the means to fulfill that destiny. It transforms the recipient’s consciousness in direct proportion to their own desire for change and their own willingness to respond. Intuitive Reports are revelatory and consciousness expanding.

We also review and discuss Health Analyses and Business Profiles derived by Intuitive Technology which provides insight into restoring wholeness for the individual or organization. From surgery to acupuncture, from psychiatry to prayer, Intuitive Reports complement existing health care practices by drawing upon global healing knowledge to accelerate recovery.

This is a group for those interested in increasing awareness, improving health, transforming consciousness, the Akashic records and past incarnations.

Join us for events, discussions, and ways to benefit your life!

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