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SocietyX is an "operating system" that allows its "citizens" to establish community driven government services and commerce networks independent of where they live in the world. It acts as bridge between virtual community and the physical world.

During our known history as humans, either by accident or by design, we have created many movements, economic systems, systems of governance, and principles of trade and production. However, if we look back, most of these systems that came to be in an evolutionary way, were and still are extremely unjust and the ones that came about in a revolutionary way, are severely flawed.

The traditional nationstate does not satisfy the needs of our ever growing global population. There are and will always be people who are left behind. The wealth gap is increasing at an staggering rate while the fair production of tangible goods and commodities is being replaced with a service economy in the west and unjust labor practices in the east.

The consumer culture that we've created by following the market forces is destroying our planet and our younger generations know that they are not going to achieve the economic security that their parents or older siblings enjoyed. Social mobility is stagnant and while we can claim that the "standards of living" are up across the world, the total amount of universal suffrage is accelerating at a much faster rate. GDP is no longer a valid unit for measuring the wellbeing of a community and the unsuitability of our markets followed by unnecessary wars are leaving hundreds of millions of people exposed to extreme poverty, famine and ever expanding universal suffrage.

SocietyX is a project started by Armin Monajemi in San Francisco, CA and it aims to create decentralized autonomous communities that rely on their own production and economy while are able to engage in trade with other communities on the platform and everyone else in the world using its cryptocurrency, the Daric.

SocietyX is constructed in a way that turns governance into administering things as opposed to governing people. The project is committed to achieve economic success by empowering its citizens to invent and produce eco-friendly products and services such as clean energy from generation, to storage to end user devices, lab grown meat products, recycling platforms that utilize ocean clean up mechanisms to access some of their raw material, and much more.

In order to add utility to its currency, societyX plans to connect the virtual and physical world, create complete supply chains from mines, to refineries to manufacturing plants all the way to the hands of its end user. All transactions between the citizens and the cooperative production Holons are conducted using the Daric. Decentralization of production, finance, governance and social services is the backbone of this system.

The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve a new universal bill of rights:

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the good of self and for the good of society as a whole.
Absolute and unrestricted freedom of speech, non-violent expression, beliefs, press and information.
Access to minimum of 2500 calories of divers nutrients per day is a basic human right.
Free and unrestricted access to a private residence that meets the “current” standards of living.
Free and unrestricted access to quality education from preschool to post graduate studies. People must be free to attend institutions and areas of study of their choice. Students of all ages are entitled to a basic salary while attending school.
Free access to means of modern communication. By today’s standards, telecom and high speed internet are the baseline.
Free and unrestricted access to local and international transportation.
Free and unlimited access to quality healthcare, medicine and medical services, maternity care and after death care.
Call to action:

We are working to create the core of the SocietyX project and form a team of professionals that will establish The First Holon. We are looking for all kinds of talent including but not limited to: economists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, linguists, sociologists, web developers, Solidity developers, devops specialists, UI/UX designers, marketing and public relations specialists, journalists, project managers, biologists, physicians and healthcare professionals, insurance and finance experts, education professionals and many many more.

In order to get a project of this magnitude off the ground, we need serious funding, a strong community and an army of highly skilled professionals.


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