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This network aims to promote the utilization of effective techniques from ancient practitioners of a philosophical lifestyle, for the purpose of self-development, self-awareness and well-being.

“Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them.” — Epictetus, 1st Century A.D. Stoic philosopher.

Albert Ellis, inspired by Epictetus and The Stoics, applied this principal for the basis of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, later Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In Ancient Athens there were no psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists at this time; philosophers, instead, were the “physicians of the soul” and self-help gurus of their day seeking to live in harmony with themselves, the world and their place in it for a life of flourishing free from disturbance of external circumstances through eliminating cognitive distortions, strengthening the internal locus of control, mindfulness, self-awareness, character building, gratitude, minimalism and virtuous living.

This is a new groups where members will have the opportunity to be apart of forming how the meetings will run.

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First Official Event. Meet, Greet and Introduction.

Hello everybody! I hope you can make it to the first meetup for our new group Socrates, Stoicism and Philosophy for Self-Mastery. 6:45 for 7pm start. We will begin by introducing ourselves, getting to know each other and talking about what brought us here. I will present a basic introduction to Stoicism to lay out the entire frame work and then as a group we can decide where we want to focus our attention and what particular aspect interest us the most. Together we will decide upon format/time/place for regular meetings and then once all the boring stuff is out of the way we can enjoy fine company during discussion of the most pleasant topic of all. Gratitude to you all. Sincerely Ashley.

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