Sofia: The City of a Digital Lifestyle


LOCATION: Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces
TIME: 19:00

Living a location-independent lifestyle comes with its own joys, pleasures, and struggles.
You get to work from anywhere you like, and happen to fulfill your dream to see and travel to different places.

Sometimes you stay only a day at a city, or sometimes a year…
Doesn’t matter! Whether you are a digital nomad, a location-independent entrepreneur, or a remote-working professional, “coworking” is one of the key enablers to a happy professional and personal life while you are on the go, and living an earning.
“Coworking” doesn’t necessarily need to be at a “Coworking Space”. However “Coworking Spaces” are always an integral part of a location-independent.

So, here, we are asking the Owners/Managers of top coworking spaces in Sofia about their experience and insights on how you can get the best out of your location-independent lifestyle.

We will discuss topics considering digital nomads, long or short-term location-independents, their integration in communities and the opportunities and motivation behind becoming a part of a coworking space and its community.

Here's two more reasons why you may want to join:
1. Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces will grant you with a free DAY PASS for all of their locations, so you can get a better feel of what it is like working in such an amazing environment and community.
2. We all would love you to work from where you can do the best of your work! So, Cowork7/24 will gladly give away quite a few "Sofia Coworking Passes" that you may flexibly work from the coworking space of your choice!

Join the discussion, help shape the future of work...
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