What we're about

Architecture begins where engineering ends.

(Walter Gropius)

Hello fellow architects...

This meetup-group is about software-/system-architecture.

We will talk about different technologies and different methodologies, discuss current hypes, compare project types, learn from each other's experience, etc.

The 'system architect' role is not dead. It is still one of the most important roles in the development of complex software system. When you are building simple applications you might not need a system architect, but when the requirements, infrastructure, team structure is more complicated then your project might fail without having the right architect on board.

A system architect needs a different skill- and mind-set than a software developer. He must be business analyst, IT manager, project manager, software developer at the same time. In addition to that he must understand system design principles and technologies like scalability, fault tolerance, distributed computing, etc.

I hope we can form a group of architects here to support each other in our job. I am working usually in server side, ultra-low latency projects in finance (like trading systems, algorithmic trading), but architects from other industries and areas are, of course, welcome as well.

I prepared already a few talks about the architect-role itself and about a few key technologies.

To make this group a success we need, of course, more members. So, please, spread the word. :)


Timo Kramer

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Architecture Round Table
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The LSCC have a monthly Round Table. http://www.meetup.com/london-software-craftsmanship/events/118704702/ It's a good open format. After a couple of optional lightning talks everybody gets together around a table and post ideas on a white board. Then everybody votes and the most popular are discussed in breakouts. It's a very effective format that always leads to lively discussion without needing much planning.

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