Serverless & BPF in Cloud Native Environments

Software Circus - Amsterdam
Software Circus - Amsterdam
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Software Circus, Kinvolk & Container Solutions are partnering a second time in Amsterdam for a talk + workshop meetup!

There will also be a pre-registration for the Cloud Native Rejekts 2020 Amsterdam event.


[18:00 - 18:25] - Food, Drinks and Networking
[18:25 - 19:00 ] - Serverless. Is it just Cloud Native Duct Tape ? by Chris Vermeulen
[19:10 - 20:40] - Workshop: Using BPF in Cloud Native environments, by Lorenzo Fontana & Alban Crequy
[21:00] - End of meetup


Serverless. Is it just Cloud Native Duct Tape ? by Chris Vermeulen, Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions

"Every Cloud Native journey starts with a single Lambda function ... to fix Cognito"
In this talk, Chris will take you through a serverless Journey starting at a single Lambda function returning "Hello World", through a whirlwind of discoveries, wasted time, and procrastination, which ultimately leads to answering the question of whether Serverless is just the duct tape of the cloud, or whether it is a first class citizen among our software stacks.
Hint: It's both.

South African farm boy turned software engineer, turned cloud engineer. I have worked with some of the big telcos and banks in South Africa & Europe and try to teach & learn more about how technology can be used to revolutionise how businesses succeed at being businesses, rather than being good at tech.


Using BPF in Cloud Native environments by Lorenzo Fontana, Open Source Software Engineer at Sysdig and Alban Crequy, CTO at Kinvolk.

Kubernetes provides a high-level abstraction layer that makes it easy to deploy distributed computing resources without knowing what’s happening in the kernel and applications. But when debugging, Kubernetes does not provide any help in inspecting these low-level details.

We showcase the following tools specifically designed for running on Kubernetes:
- Inspektor Gadget, built on BPF Compiler Collection (BCC) and traceloop
- kubectl-trace, built on bpftrace

These allow devops teams to answer debugging questions such as:
- What were the last system calls executed before the crash?
- Was this function called? With which arguments and return value?
- Which TCP packets were retransmitted?
- Which queries run slow?
- Was this file opened?

Please bring a fully charged laptop with pre-installed Linux (4.18+) and Minikube (v1.4.0+).

Looking forward to see you there!