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Secure, Quick, Reliable Login w/ Justin Love & Better by Design w/ Ralph Iden

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We have two talks scheduled for March.

"Better by Design" by Ralph Iden

Ralph Iden will continue with another talk in the series on the Principles of Product Development. This month the role of design will be explored. How much design is appropriate and at what stage(s) of the product development process? There are a number of approaches that can be taken during the design or non-design of a product and Ralph will outline some common ones he has encountered. This will be followed by an open discussion and an opportunity to share best practices.

Ralph Iden is a Principal Developer at Follett Software Company with over 30 years of experience developing commercial software applications using a variety of languages and frameworks. He likes to create tools to make developing software more enjoyable and dabbling with parsers, electronics, and embedded micro-controllers. His mantra is, "Don't annoy your customers".

"Secure, Quick, Reliable Login" (SQRL) by Justin Love

"Secure, Quick, Reliable Login" is a proposed technique to replace username/password login, as well as third party logins providers. SQRL (pronounced "squirrel") provides an extremely user-friendly day-to-day workflow - the user simply scans a QR code on the page using a dedicated application, verifies that it refers to the correct site, and is then logged into the site.

SQRL uses sound and proven cryptography to provide a user-centric, fully decentralized system with an extremely easy day-to-day workflow. The only secret information is held by the user, which provides no place for third party tracking and insulates users from data breaches at service providers.

Justin will provide an overview of the challenges with existing user/password login systems, as well as the concerns with third party social network login. He will then describe the properties of SQRL that address these concerns, and describe the cryptographic algorithms that provide those features at a high level.

Justin Love is in both the Ruby and Javascript meetup groups. He is a regular presenter at these and other groups, and has spoken at a number of conferences, including RubyConf and Strange Loop.