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Talk: Microservices with the Spring Cloud & Netflix Open Source
Hi all! It's time for another meetup again. We've been busy the last months and then stopped for the summer break. But now it's time to start again. We'll remain in the microservices space. I'm pretty sure most of you know & use Netflix. But the company isn't only known for its movie business, but also their really advanced microservices architecture applied at gigantic scale. Lots of the tools & libraries Netflix uses like Chaosmonkey, Hystrix, Eureka ... are open source and can be used straight away. A couple of weeks back, Paolo D'Incau told me he made some experiences with the Netflix stack integrated into Spring Cloud and I'm super grateful he's willing to share some of his insight with all of us! ABSTRACT: In this session you will see how you can harness some tools of the Spring Cloud project (e.g. Eureka, Zuul, etc etc) in order to tackle some of the common problems of distributed systems you will encounter while writing your next microservices architecture. Beware: may contain traces of live coding! ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Paolo is an Italian agile developer working at XPeppers. During the last years he discovered how culture supported by technical practices can reshape companies and organizations. He's deeply in love with Erlang and Elixir, too :) LOCATION: We will be again at our usual location at the systems GmbH headquarters.

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