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ODL Hackfest!

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Thomas B. and 2 others


Come join us at the University of Maryland in College Park for an OpenDaylight Hackfest!

First -- a very special thanks to Telecommunication Student and Alumni Network (TSAN) and the University of Maryland for hosting this event, and to Colin Dixon (OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee chair) for agreeing to help run it.

This will be the first full-day hackfest for our Meetup group. Our hope is that attendees will have their personal hacks running in a controller on their own machines, and possibly have successfully submitted one or more patches into OpenDaylight.

You'll need to bring a laptop with the following:

• At least 4GB of memory (8 or more is preferred)

• VirtualBox 4.3 or later

• ssh client

• X-windows server (e.g. Xming for Windows)

• Optional: Vagrant

We'll provide Wi-Fi, power strips, small breakfast, lunch, snacks, and enough coffee to fuel fast fingers for hacking.

Topics that we'll cover:

• setting up an OpenDaylight development environment

• getting and building OpenDaylight code

• the various projects in OpenDaylight

• opening an OpenDaylight Gerrit account (needed for submitting code)

• navigating the OpenDaylight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels and mailing lists

We'll spend the morning going over the basics of OpenDaylight, and get everyone's development environment up and running. There will be a few topics that people can choose from to hack on during the remainder of the day -- from fixing bugs to adding new features in an existing project.

The event will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park campus in room 2460 of the A.V. Williams building's Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Hall. Directions to the campus and building can be found here:

Look for signs with the Meetup logo.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

University of Maryland · College Park, MD