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Consider with us new, old, and cross-disciplinary ideas; for a scientific approach to software development. Assessing, creating, leveraging and rewarding true expertise across the entire discipline.

• Do you want to have more fun at work? Do you want to feel *and be* more capable?

• Do you want your organization’s software development to be more effective? And more scalable?

• Do you want to reduce burnout and frustration: in your development, in our peers, in our hiring?

• Do you want software development to be accessible to all, beyond just wealthy corporations and governments?

Discuss and help create new paradigms of Software Development that create, recognize and reward expertise in deeper ways. How can we synthesize all the ideas of 70 years of software development with the knowledge of other successful design and manufacturing disciplines? Let's birth a new Eli Whitney or Henry Ford model for repeatable, scalable, sustainable software development!

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VIRTUAL: A new curriculum for Software Development

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Better programming through Cognitive Science

Improving - Minneapolis

Build Expertise through deliberate practice

Improving - Minneapolis

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