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Software Engineering Sydney March Meetup

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Welcome to another year of #SoftEngSydney meetups! A new year means new exciting topics to pique your interests, presented to you by respected speakers in their fields. For our first event of the year, three experts will be discussing what they are currently excited about in software engineering.

Doors open at 6pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30pm.



Infrastructure as Code
James Ousby
Senior Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services

Come and hear from James on the latest advancements in ‘Infrastructure as Code’ and explore the ‘AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)’ project. James will cover the history of infrastructure as code on AWS and dive into the problems that this new toolkit looks to address with some examples in Java.”

About James

James is a Senior Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he helps large enterprises within the Financial Services segment to get the best out of the AWS platform. James is also a part of the AI/ML Technical Field Community at AWS which involves having an area of depth around the AI/ML services on AWS. Prior to joining AWS James had 15 years of Application Development experience in Investment Banks with a particular interest in CI/CD, distributed systems and Scala/Functional Programming.


Protocol Buffers Driven Development
Wilhelm Eek
Software Engineer @ Spaceship
One of the prominent factors impacting delivery speed is a lack of cohesion between multiple teams working on the same feature. Wilhelm will discuss how Spaceship uses protocol buffers to reduce friction, and prevent toe-stepping.
About Wilhelm

Wilhelm is a member of the core services team that help Spaceship's technology platforms communicate.
Before joining Spaceship, Wilhelm worked on the CommBank app as an API engineer.


Trust in blockchain
Ethan Williams
Lead Software Engineer @ CBA

Blockchain is the hottest new fashion trend making waves all around the world, and is set to revolutionise the way we live! But aside from cryptocurrencies, what problem does blockchain actually solve? How do we know if we should put ___ on the blockchain? Ethan provides some answers to these questions using his practical experience in the CBA Innovation Lab.

About Ethan
Ethan is currently Lead Software Engineer across CBA Innovation Labs. Ethan moved to CBA Sydney following a career in private health insurance & social services in Newcastle. His career experience spans a wide range of software development, including front-end, back-end, ​and dev-ops, and most recently leading the blockchain engineering work streams at CBA.