Software GR Presents: Richard Feldman, Introduction to Elm

Hosted by Software GR and GLSEC

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Richard is a functional programmer who specializes in pushing the limits of browser-based UIs. He's built seamless-immutable, a JavaScript immutables library that seamlessly interoperates with normal JS collections; elm-css, a CSS preprocessor where you write Elm instead of CSS; and Dreamwriter, a long-form writing Web App which works like a desktop app in the absence of an Internet connection.


Introduction to Elm

Elm is a cutting-edge functional programming language that you can use instead of JavaScript - or alongside it. It takes the concepts in React and Redux to a whole new level, with an amazing compiler that catches errors before you even run your code. Come learn the basics of Elm, and see why people say that learning Elm changed the way they wrote code in other languages...for the better!