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Are you QA/Test manager?

TestLeaf is planning to have a meet up session for QA/Test managers, Senior managers in QA/test development and above in December 2018. The intent of the meet up session is to identify the future technologies that decide tester's skills and testing organisation road-map.

Note: This is only for QA/Test Managers and above. If you are not one of them, please wait - we would have another session for test leaders. Also this will be in-person meeting to begin with, hence if you are planning to dial-in, then we will notify about the upcoming sessions, if any.

If you are not manager, Please spread the word of this meet-up session to all your managers and above. I am in the process of inviting QA Heads from top organisation for this social community meeting that can build the future.

Meetup Process:

a) Register your information (The mobile numbers confidentiality will be retained) here:
b) Based on the choice, the meetup date/time will be planned in IIT Madras Research Park
c) Meetup coordinators will provide the agenda of the meetup

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