What we're about

We are a group of people who want to collectively learn how to use solar power, wind power or even thermal power to produce our own sustainable resources. We will strive to become less dependent on the systems in place and learn how to save money using available technology. We want to save money on power and be more sustainable. We want to talk learn about the science of sustainability


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Lets talk about our Solar and our Government
Needs a date and time

Beer Revolution

If only a few RSVP the it will result in no event.


Any members wanting the government to give real support to solar panels?

Any members want the talk about where we should go from here. Anyone wanting to learn more? .....

It is time we get together

It is time for a revolution!!!!!

Bring with you

A lawn Chair

One Log for the fire

your own refreshment

a snack to share, nothing fancy, (chips, pretzels, nuts etc)

Note pad and your thoughts on changes to the system

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