What we're about

Our mission is to connect Solitary Practitioners with each other to play, collaborate, and support each other.

Nature is a central part of all of our practices. We will gradually connect Practitioners to spend time in nature together in order to grow and learn, in a fun and supportive environment. This already includes White Water Kayaking, camping, gardening and hiking. Feel free to share Nature events that you would like to include your fellow Practitioners in.

As Solitarys, we have studied and learned our skills through books and practice. We will come together to share our concerns, frustrations and failures in order to gain insight of our short-comings in order to find success in what we do. We will also share in our successes and inspirations in a way that will inspire others to continue on their own paths.

Resources are more plentiful for the modern Practitioner these days, but not as reliable. We will support each other in recommendations of good reading material, as well as reputable teachers, organizations, businesses and safe spaces for each other’s path working.

You SHOULD use this group to:
• Make friends and connections
• Practice and fine tune skills
• Share experiences both religious and adventurous
• Collaborate and explore rituals, spells, and spirits by sharing your view and then listening to feedback
• Share your passion and skills to help others learn to do the same

You SHOULD NOT use this group to:
• Spread racist or hateful propaganda
• Convert people to your “truth”
•Get high or Journey with the use of Drugs

Support each other, be kind and speak up if you feel like your voice is not being heard. I work in a field where everyone has “Stop the Job Authority”. I would like everyone to feel they have that ability here.

“Stop the Job Authority” is the ability to STOP anything and everything because you feel that the further progression of event and/or moves will affect safety and/or reliability. Utilizing this ability is the power to say “Wait..”, “Hold Up…”, “Something doesn’t seem right..”, or “Can we review that again, I still have questions”.

Thank you for connecting with us. We hope to see you and collaborate with you at an event soon.

Adam Lewis

Upcoming events (1)

Let us celebrate All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, and Samhain; with a ritual.

Let us light candles for those that have passed and invite our ancestors to join us around a mid day fire. We may also have time to visit the "underworld" or other side to spend a moment with those that would like to comfort or talk to us.

Past events (3)

Sigils for September

The Lewis House

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