What we're about

If you have reached a certain point in your life where you really want to travel but for many reasons, your family and friends just don't seem to be available or interested, join us.

We will be meeting to discuss specific travel ideas. Some members will be the guides who can answer a dozen simple questions about the idea. Some members will be explorers fleshing out a destination. The goal would be to find to find 1-4 other members to continue after the event to actually put something together. A good member would be willing to be a guide a couple of times. A good member would be a prepared explorer who brings something to the event...........possible tours operators, dates or budget in mind .

We will probably have a couple of social events to just meet and greet as well. We are looking for women who will actually book a trip so you should have some goals in mind.

This intended to be a small group of participating women. When we get to 30 members I will schedule the first meetup which will be in the East Bay.

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WeWork 655 Montgomery St

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1 Market St

Southern U.S. Sojourn - Nashville/Memphis, New Orleans?

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