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Welcome to the Toronto Area Solo Parents / One Parent Families Association

This is a group for single parents, and parents flying solo to get out with the kids and doing something fun together. This is not a group for dating. The focus is on an individual parent (or caregiver/guardian) doing fun things with the kids in a casual and supportive setting.


This group started as a solo parents group for parents and their kids looking to get out and do fun things without a partner. In 2018, the One Parent Families Association reached out and asked us to start a Toronto Area chapter for the OPFA. We launched as an official charitable chapter of the One Parent Families Association in September of 2019.

Who should become a member of this meetup group?

Anyone can be a member of this meetup group. You do not need to be an OPFA member (details on that below). We use the name 'Solo' Parents because 'Single Parent' can imply you're looking for a relationship... and that isn't the focus of this group.

This is a place for any individual parent (or caregiver/guardian) to go out with their kids in a supportive environment. Perhaps you are separating, divorced, widowed, or your spouse travels a lot or is not able to do things with you and your children.

Bottom line, you are on your own with the kid(s) one way or another and are looking for fun things to do with them in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Who should become an OPFA member?

OPFA members are individuals who are committed to supporting the Toronto Area chapter of the OPFA. In order to bring you these events and opportunities to support single parents, we need resources and support from our charitable organization. Your support as a member of the OPFA allows this group to continue to run events, get access to discounted rates for events and location rentals, provide insurance for events and board members, and in the future will allow us to get sponsorships and corporate donations to better support the single parent community in the Toronto Area.

You can signup for an OPFA membership at: http://torontoareaopfa.ca/join to support our charitable organization, get access to member-only events, have a voice in the types of activities and events we hold, get subsidized events, access to a private Facebook group and more! The annual membership fee is currently $50/year per parent.

Only OPFA Members are allowed to host events and meetups. However, events may be open to the public for all to attend at a nominal event fee. Please consider volunteering to host events, or if you have any skills or talents that can be of benefit to our group, please let us know!

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The Really Awesome Improv Show

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