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Happy New Year everyone -- we are kicking off our first meetup of 2020 in March -- Looking forward to seeing you all online.

For our first meetup, Rick Ducott our Director of Engineering will be providing the latest engineering update of our open source projects.

Featured guest speakers this meetup are Kevin DeLorey and Brian Vandre from Frasca Interntational, Inc. Kevin DeLorey is a Software Architect and Brian Vandre is a Lead Software Engineer at Frasca working on their adoption of Kubernetes, Gloo, Linkerd, Prometheus, Grafana, and Sealed Secrets.

About Frasca International:
For more than 60 years Frasca International, Inc. has been building flight simulations of all levels for companies and flight schools all over the world. To combat the ongoing pilot shortage, Frasca’s current goal is to make flight training more accessible to instructors and students by modernizing our tech stack and starting with bringing our simulators to the cloud.