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If your intensions are to find a group to hook up or experience sexual situations, this is NOT the group for you. The nature of all sessions held at Soma Arts is to facilitate presence and clarity of intension; meaning there are no agendas involving sex, power or manipulation welcome.

My intension by starting this group is to offer experiences which fall outside the norm of how we usually connect with each other. The group is open to all, regardless of gender, who wish to experience the intensity inherent with connecting in a subtle and not sexual way. There is a popular misunderstanding about the nature of Tantra. Tantra simply means Union; this union can of course occur within a sexual context, however Tantra is truly about the union of the dualities which impair our ability to connect with all creation. Within each of us exists both genders, which are represented loosely by action (male) and surrender (female). All of us have within us the capacity to realize our infinite nature through correct action which leads to a non chaotic internal environment and thru surrender in which we yield to the flow of creation already present and always resonating every fiber of our existence.

With Tantra we learn to connect meditatively with each other not through our superficial senses but by how we feel, how the other moves our energy, and the experience we have internally; we learn to respond to another's energy not by falling back on our past patterns, or by becoming entranced in conversation, but based on our inner authority which rises from the physical body (which is where all the energy is). Many of us make decisions about who or what opportunities are worthy of our energy based on mental analysis. The problem with making decisions with the mind lies in the minds very nature which is rooted in duality. Each of us has a unique way of channeling flow, with various intuitive signals being present which indicate if someone or some situation is correct for us. Many of us have a gut reaction to various demands for our energy. The gut says yes and no very clearly, and once we pay attention we begin to sync to Flow. Once we are in the flow we approach our challenges head on with grace, we feel more comfortable in our own skin, and we truly being to understand the power of Universal Love.

The classes and retreats offered in this meetup will be intimate, non sexual, utilizing connection practices, Taoist techniques, and Kundalini Yoga. I have been teaching Tantra and Kundalini Yoga for over 12 years and hold a Masters in Physiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The experiences I have gathered along the way have been massively valuable for my personal growth, and the connection practices have allowed me to open my heart to a sometimes brutal world, as well as choose the correct partners to share my life with. For more information on Tantra check out: http://www.tantrasoma.com

Peace and Love,

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