Stage House Tavern goes Country

This is a past event

7 people went

Stage House Tavern- Somerset

1719 Amwell Rd · Somerset, NJ

How to find us

Let’s say meet at the bar

Location image of event venue


We have 11 people going to this event. Can we make 15 four more people or more, If you don’t dance this a great place to start! ( there are no mistakes , they are a variation)
If you know how to dance you’ll love a night of dancing!
I believe dancing will be on the patio. I’ll will arrive 5:30pm to have a quick bite to eat. All are welcome to join me.... I will be indoors, until 7pm when dancing starts.
If you’re a lady ask a guy friend.
If you’re a guy ask a lady friend
( in any and all combinations )
Go come out have fun, meet new people or get to know that person you been wanting to
getting to might be
Surprised!!! 😌😊😎🕺🏾👯‍♀️🎼

Go Country!!!
One night only July 24
One night only
this is information only
It’s been a long time since
Somerset County has a place to dance.
Please give it a try or dance away the night
I’ll try to get there
Just enjoy and have fun