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Somerset Photography Group (SPG) has been created for anybody within the Somerset and surrounding areas with a passion of photography, who would like to spend more time getting out and about with their camera and learning new skills.

Whether you are a total novice or have some experience in photography, the aim of SPG is to provide a community for members to share their experiences and help others excel in what we all love to do best. If you have the flare to pass on knowledge or simply have an interest to learn then this is the place for you.

SPG encourages all members to get involved in suggesting events or even hosting them. Days out photographing around Somerset (and the UK) will be planned and will provide a friendly and comfortable environment for learning or enjoying the company of others.

There will be regular Meet and Greets to allow new members to meet current members. This will also provide an opportunity to discuss other group matters and plan events. Other social events will be looked at throughout the year.

In time there will be courses run to introduce beginners to the world of digital photography.

As the founder of SPG I would like to take this time to let you all know that I am here to answer any questions you may have, and to help keep SPG enjoyable and available to all those wishing to be part of it. In order for me to do that there has to be some terms and conditions imposed for the benefit of the whole group. I have tried to keep this group as unrestricted as I can, so all I ask is that you read and uphold them.

If you would like to know more about me and my back ground then please see the links below or visit my profile. I look forward to meeting you all over time.

http://chrishalton573.wixsite.com/haltonphotographic https://500px.com/chrishalton573


In order to join Somerset Photography Group (SPG), you must have a current and recognisable photograph of yourself, and be willing to accept and abide by the Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Group Rules.

Somerset Photography Group reserve the right to approve new members whenever they feel it to be in the best interest of the group and its current members.

Somerset Photography Group is free to its members. Every effort will be made to make events free but at times a small cost may be required to cover venues or other unavoidable fees. Event hosts may have put a lot of time and effort into planning a meetup and as such a small donation of £1 for members (£2 for guests) maybe requested to ensure more events will planned in the future.


As a member of Somerset Photography Group, you agree and acknowledge that the group organiser or event hosts do not have a legal responsibility for the duty and care of any individual attending an event, and that any individual attending an event or meetup does so entirely at their own risk.

Meetup, SPG nor an organiser or event host will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury to an attendee or any equipment that occurs while taking part in an event or travelling to and from an event.

Event organisers or hosts of SPG may not necessarily hold professional qualifications or have attended any formal training in relation to the planned event.


COSTS. Any member (or guests) attending an event organised through SPG will cover any individual costs including, but not limited to, all travel, event tickets, accommodation, meals and other expenses or purchases, unless stated by the event organiser.

RSVP. Please RSVP to any event (Meetup) that you wish to attend. Members are not permitted to attend unless they have RSVP’d. If your circumstances change and are unable to attend, then you are expected to update your RSVP’s and inform the event host as soon as possible.

GUESTS. Members are welcome to invite guests where there are no place limits or waiting lists. The names of any guests should be passed to the event organiser. If a guest attends more than three events organised by SPG then they may be required to join the group as a member.

NO SHOW. To ensure a fair allocation of event spaces, Somerset Photography Group has a strict No Show policy. Members are welcome to RSVP to as many events as they wish, however failure to attend an event without updating your RSVP’s or informing the event organiser will result in it being a ‘No Show’. If a member accumulates three ‘No Shows’, they will be removed from the group.

INACTIVE MEMBERS. SPG encourages all members to get involved by joining events and hosting events. SPG should be seen as a community where everybody can teach and learn from one another. Periodic checks will be done of the group members and inactive members may be removed.

PHOTOGRAPHS. Any member that attends an event organised by SPG are encouraged to upload photos afterwards for other members to view. Copyright of an individual’s photo will remain with them but SPG cannot accept responsibility for any photographs that are uploaded. It is advised that anybody worried about their images being stolen should upload them with a watermark.

BULLYING AND ABUSE. Under no circumstances will any form of bullying, either verbally or physically be accepted by any members of SPG towards any other member of this group or any other group on Meetup, at any time. Members who are found to be breaking this rule will be removed from this group and reported to Meetup or the local authorities. Any member who feels they are being bullied or victimised should report the incident and person to the group admin immediately.

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT. Any member attending a photographic event organised by SPG will be responsible for the security and protection of their own equipment. Somerset Photography Group, nor Meetup will be held responsible for any damage of theft to any equipment owned by somebody attending the event at their own risk. It is advised that members have adequate insurance to cover any equipment they might have.

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