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Welcome to Something New for 40+ Somethings!!!!!!!! DSN!!!!!!!

How cool is it to be 40+ Something and living in CHICAGO!!! One of the BEST cities in the world...... If you are 40+ and want to socialize and try and learn new things with people in your age group, THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there something you always wanted to do but didn't want to do it alone or you just never got around to doing it? Adventures add joy and excitement to our lives but if you are like me you think about trying new things more often than you get around to actually doing them. This is not a singles group. It's open to everyone 40 and older. If you're not 40 go ahead and join us. I'm not super set on age, if we are doing something you think you would enjoy. Things from painting, skating, murder mystery dinners, segway tours, etc. If you have an ideas, please share, and let's make it happen!!! Ping me a message or post in group discussions. So let's DSN!!!!!!!!

Please RSVP, if you want to come to an event and cancel your RSVP, if you can't make it to an event. Make sure to let us know as some events require advance arrangement. Thanks!!!!!

Looking Forward to Meeting You!!!!!

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