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In Depth Song Critique Video Conference

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After you RSVP, as soon as you can, post a link to the recorded demo of your song in the comments. A private file on soundcloud is the preferred way to post your song. We don't critique the sound quality of your song unless you request it. Type your lyrics in the description of your song on soundcloud so we can copy them to a word document.

Post your song at least one week before the meetup date. During that week, copy the lyrics to a word document, listen to each song 2-4 times, and type out your critiques for each song. The critiques will be compiled into a shared document during the meetup. We'll meet via Google Hangouts, you probably need to have a free gmail account to use Google Hangouts.

You'll need at least a microphone and webcam for the meetup. If you've never been in a video conference before and would like help getting this set up, let the event host know in the comments and we'll help you troubleshoot the process.

Some of the concepts you may want to cover in your critiques are: song structure, perspective, tense, line length and number, rhyme scheme, rhyme type, stressed syllable setting, and phrasing.

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