Location image of event venue


It's going to 5 days of fun in the sun! Sorry the itinerary is so fuzzy! For the most part the activities will be during the day and evenings will be on your own. The meeting place will be the Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki each morning though you are welcome to stay wherever you like. You just would want to easily be able to reach the Queen Kapiolani.

Flights are on you own. Just please try to arrive around noon as we do have a very fun first day sunset catamaran ride planned. That leaves around 4 so you would want time to make you way to the hotel, check in and be able to be skimming over the water with Mai Tai in hand by sunset!

You most likely WILL need a car rental. I am renting a van but I think it's full with the 7 people that have already told me they are coming and are splitting the cost. I'm sure you could find others to share the cost of a second vehicle.

Details to follow!