Past Meetup

Olema Valley to Bolema to Coast Trail to Greenpicker!! It's a HIKE!! 15 miles


We are headed out for a little something different! We are leaving the well beaten trails behind and are headed into the "quiet" area of Pt. Reyes! We probably see more people on horses than on foot!

This hike is a 15 mile hike that makes a moderately steep climb (total hike climb: 2500 feet) through dense forest up Inverness Ridge that sometimes oddly enough is so lush it almost seems tropical! We will have some dramatic views along the coast as we make our way down to Wildcat beach for lunch. Then continue back to the trailhead by climbing back up to the ridge and back down to the parking lot. We've done this area before but not this route!!

A Pt. Reyes trailmap can be found at:

and this is our route if you like to look at where we will be going:

Start on Oleama Valley
Right on Bolema
Right on Ridge Trail
Left on Ridge Trail (direction Alamea Trail)
Left on Alamea Trial
Left on Out Old Road
Right on Coast Trail
Down to Wildcat Beach for lunch
Continue on Coast Trail
Left (continue Coast Trail)
Right on Coast / Glen Spur South
Left on Glen Camp Loop
Right on Green Picker Trail
Left on Stewart Trail to Five Brooks Trail Head

It will be a BLAST!! I'm rating it strenuous...mostly due to the distance. Plan for a full day!


From Olema go south on Hwy 1 for 3.5 miles to the Five Brooks trailhead.

Car pool etiquette- Come prepared to drive, be aware that there may be no others wanting to car pool from your selected location or there might be a lot of people and everyone might want to ride. We determine who gets the rider seats by who has most recently been a driver in the past. This is worked out based by who shows up at the car pool location. We can't guarantee anyone a seat because we never know until that day who will show up. We do our best to work it out and make everyone happy but we need everyone to pitch in and help make it work!

Then PLEASE if possible try to use the three locations below. The more locations we have the less effective we are and it's so much more complicated. Exceptions would be if you are not close to either location.

Car pool locations:

Coddingtown Library parking lot suggested leave at 7:45

Petaluma-Lucky at the intersection of Lakeville and Caulfield Ln. Park closest to Payran St. suggested leave by 8:10

General room of thumb...$5 one hour or less to trailhead $8 over one hour to trailhead Please insist your driver accept the money. It's to cover more than gas's the wear and tear on the vehicle. We like to take care of our drivers!

As always:

Please always check your email the night before just in case there are any necessary adjustments or cancellations. This is especially important if there are any weather issues. Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 10pm the previous evening. We combine enjoyment of the trail with respect for everyone’s time. A steady pace and we just keep going! If you are a fast hiker, you will be asked to periodically wait for the group. If you are finding that you are lagging behind, you will be asked to focus your energy on keeping up the best you can ...forgoing picture taking, dancing and scat identification. We also move along as soon as all lagging members are in close visual sight. Please make sure this is something you will enjoy! Give yourself time to find the trail head or car pool meeting spot so that you arrive prior to the scheduled time. That is the time we leave. It would be disappointing to miss due to late arrival. We leave the car pool sites on time and we START hiking at the starting time!!! Wear comfortable hiking shoes with good rugged soles that are well broken in. Duration: 7-8 hours Facilities: at the trail head and at Wildcat Beach Dogs?: none allowed Bring plenty of water. More than one bottle is usually a good idea. Dress in layers. The hike starts off cool but rapidly warms up. Bring a lunch. We are having lunch at the beach See you on the trail!