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Polyamory is the practice or desire to have more than one intimate relationship with the full knowledge and consent of all parties. It is one of many forms of ethical non-monogamy.

Sonoma Polyamory was formed in 2011 and is a social and support oriented group. We have a wonderfully diverse membership and have many types of gatherings, including community meetings, picnics, boardgame groups, and movie nights. As we grow we are open to new ideas for fun things to do together. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are curious about polyamory, polyamorous, or identify as some other type of non-monogamy.

Sonoma Polyamory Community Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to lay out a framework for acceptable behavior in this community. For the most part it is meant as an ideal to be striven for rather than minimum requirements or strict rules to be followed. The intention with these guidelines is that they will promote a vibrant and diverse community where everyone is welcome and safe.

Each member is responsible for setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Each member has the freedom to choose to participate in any discussion or activity at their comfort level.

Members will be respectful of opposing views

Members will respect the privacy of others. Outing people or sharing sensitive information within or outside the community is not acceptable

Members must ensure that their language and actions are free of personal attacks and disparaging personal remarks

When interpreting the words and actions of others, members should always assume good intentions.

Behavior which can be reasonably considered harassment will not be tolerated.

This is a living document and will be changed as needed in order to better reflect the community. This is a community document and all members of the community are encouraged to comment on any changes they feel would be beneficial. The organizer(s) of the community bear the final responsibility for maintaining this document.

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