Past Meetup

Beer Flavors Sensory Training --- Tune up Your Tasting Skills


It has now been over two years since the club has done a comprehensive sensory training---it was a big hit for us in July 2011 and we are happy to have it on the agenda once again. For reviews from last session, please link to the past event page here:

This November 17 meeting, just as the last one, is based on the use of the Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kit. This is a set of "standards" for doctoring and tasting 24 different off-flavors and other common components in beers. It is the kit recommended by and subsidized by the BJCP Beer Judge Certification Program and we order it at discount through them.

Please join us for a true learning experience to hone your skills as a brewer and beer specialist. You can learn more about the kit we will be using here: (

The Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kit contains 24 pre-measured “standards” representing some of the most important flavors and aromatics found in beer.


Acetaldehyde Acetic Almond Butyric Diacetyl DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide) Earthy Mercaptan Ethyl acetate Ethyl hexanoate Spicy Metallic Geraniol Indole Isoamyl acetate Grainy Isovaleric Lactic Caprylic Papery Vanilla Bitter Infection Hefeweizen

Begin your studies now if you like.

The meeting will take place in The Beverage People classroom. We are very happy that David Teckam has agreed to join us and lead the festivities. David is a Grand Master BJCP judge as well as operator of ( He will be joining us from the Sacramento area for this one event.

Each "flavor" will be served in a neutral beer and discussed.

Space is limited to 50 people, one guest max allowed per member. In order to attend, YOU MUST RSVP. We need an accurate head count for this one. We ask a $5 donation from non-member attendee. Note: There will be no pizza or any other food provided other than palate cleansing snacks. Please eat before you come! We don't want strong aromas (such as pepperoni) to interfere with our beer tasting senses.

Don't miss out!