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5 Gallon Rare Barrel Fruit Lambic Project

Price: $30.00 /per person
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Sign up is now full! The brewers of 5 gallons of Fruit Lambic are:

Barry O'Meara
Jon Zellner

Welcome to the Rare Barrel Barrel Project! Rare Barrel is donating a 60 gallon barrel for our club to use in a sour beer barrel project. Our Sonoma Beerocrats member Paul Feinstein will be storing the barrel for this project and mentoring us through his process of brewing, fermenting and barrel aging a Fruit Lambic.

We invite you to join us to brew, ferment and condition a Lambic beer for sampling prior to filling a 60 gallon wine barrel. Your beer must be delivered in a 5 gallon ball lock keg for filling the barrel by Saturday June 28th at the latest.

If you are not able to be there on the date you will need to arrange a time to get your keg to another member brewing for this event.

Once you have paid for the event your name will be sent to the Beverage People. You may than check in(Rare Barrel Project) at the Beverage People to pick up your supplies. The Beverage People will ring up your supplies and bill the Sonoma Beerocrats as you have already paid for the event.

During the year the Sonoma Beerocrats will collect heavy glass for the bottling day. We will be delivering to you bottled conditioned beer approximately 1 year after the barrel filling.

Recipe - 5 gallons of beer at 1.053 OG

5lbs Belgian Pilsner

5lbs German Wheat

1 Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Blend

1 bag of aged hops provided by Paul Feinstein

5lbs Raspberries (Club will purchase at a later date)


Mash low at 148° F, 60-90 minutes for conversion

Hops are a 60 minute addition

Ferment and rack into a 5 gallon ball lock keg for delivery to Paul Feinstein.

Primary fermentation will take 1 week at 70 degrees. The beer will be ready for the barrel filling 1-2 week after you brew. Secondary fermentation will take place in the barrel. Please call me with any questions [masked]).

All beer will be approved before being added to barrel.

At 6 months raspberries will be added.

Beer will be sampled at 1 year to determine bottling date

Costs - $30.00

grain @ $1.49 per pound = $14.90

yeast @ $6.99 vial = $6.99

hops = $0 Paul to provide

fruit 5 lbs at $2 per lbs = $10.00.

Heavy Bottling Glass = $0 Club to collect glass and provide bottling