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Welcome Motorcycle Riders

Sons of Sinners Riders Club was founded on June 22, 2010 and it was formed to express the freedom we share of riding motorcycles. Don't let the name fool or intimidate you, we are a Riders Club not an MC. We take pride in our club, our country and our bike's, but most of all, the friendships that are built as a result of riding....Our members are not all active or retired military but as our logo clearly states, We proudly Honor and Support our Military Past, Present and Future. Sons of Sinners is dedicated to making new friends through riding our motorcycles. We will never discriminate against, or turn you away for what you ride, or your level of expertise and we expect nothing more than your commitment to the club, the road, riding in safety and building of friendships. Members are responsible for their own riding skills and never should exceed their own ability. For the people that do ride with us, we hope will have a family like bond and are willing to help and support any brother or sister member out. We don't believe in a book of rules but just like other clubs we do have some guidelines. AS A CLUB MEMBER WE WOULD APPRECIATE THAT YOU MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO PARTICIPATE WITH CLUB ACTIVITIES AT LEAST TWO TIMES PER MONTH IF NOT MORE.... Your membership is contingent upon your participation... All members will be informed of club activities and rides using meetup.com/sonsofsinners web site with details as to times and dates…. Any member(s) not respecting the club and/or its members will be removed from the clubs activities as seen fit by the Leadership team. Feel free to discuss any issues, suggestions and comments with the Clubs leadership team and the clubs President prior to any action taken. No member will ever be held above the rest of the club, regardless of title or no title, we are all equal. Any member not maintaining high personal morals and not respecting the clubs members can be removed and terminated from the club as seen fit by leadership team and the Club President. It is the responsibility of the individual members to understand the guidelines as they are written. We ask for and support input from ALL of our members. We encourage our members to plan rides and even lead rides. Not any one person can do it all, so please step up and be heard. Some trips will have overnight stays and some will not seem long enough but the miles will rack up. We are NOT into having a large club on the website with only a few people participating. We look for members who will be involved with club activities. If this interests you as a fellow rider and it sounds like a club you want to belong to then come out and join us for some rides and also look for us on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/groups/649239901763408 you will not be disappointed. We look forward to making new friends and riding partners. We hope that this is the kind of club our members and future members are looking for.

SOSRC Disclaimer:

All riders that choose to ride with Sons of Sinners Riders Club will do so at their own risk. Sons of Sinners Riders Club assumes NO responsibility for any injuries to any riders, passengers and/or their property, or the property of any others.

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