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The Sophia Aeterna MeetUp group is the most incredible occult science series ever presented to non-initiated seeker of the Secrets of Nature. Lectures, Group Discussion and Socializing and Occult Science Field Research Expeditions are all part of the schedule of this MeetUp group’s bi-monthly agenda.

Brain child of the Occult Science researchers Dorian and Catherine Taddei, Sophia Aeterna opened its doors in 2017 to North Portland audiences at the Masonic Lodge in Portland, and moved its presentations to the St Helens Marina in 2019. Reborn now on the Oregon Coast, and our first meetings of 2020 will be in Newport, Oregon. We are working now on a MeetUp location, and this announcement will be forthcoming.

SOPHIA AETERNA means Eternal Wisdom. The word Soph itself was an Egyptian term used to describe one aspect of the aetheric foundation of the universe. Another term once used by the early Egyptians to describe the aether was the "primeval waters." This water symbolism describes the wave-dynamics of the aetheric medium, but Soph refers to the light amplitude embedded in it, or — to use another term for amplitude alterations within the aether medium — intelligence. Hence, Soph is linked to the idea eternal information, truth and light. This background of ideas resulted in the Greeks using the term "sophia" to meant wisdom or eternal truth(s).

This is an example of what you'll learn through our MeetUp: eternal, cosmological, eternal truths as preserved and transmitted through the "Perennial Wisdom" traditions (Esoteric or Occult traditions) which all trace their knowledge back in time to the legendary Golden Age.


SOPHIA AETERNA will begin as a monthly (or bi-weekly) meeting designed to re-introduce the Perennial Wisdom of the ancient world in the 21st Century. 3-hour meetings will include 2 hours of multimedia presentation/lectures and forum discussions, and an informal social hour for unstructured personal & spiritual discussions … and refreshments.


Host — alchemist and occult researcher, author and documentarian Dorian Taddei presents scientific evidence, artifacts and inventions based on his own research, as well as affiliated alchemical/occult research conducted in North America and abroad. SOPHIA AETERNA is not merely a lecture series, but an interactive MeetUp for individuals interested in what the polymath and esotericist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz called: “Sacred Science.”

Sophia Aeterna is a mix of practical instruction on the secret sciences of the Arcanum, derived from 30 years of esoteric archaeology and occult re-discovery, it includes direct hands-on experimentation and field expeditions offering an immersive experience with true occult science. Evidence presented is drawn from direct field research, conducted across the western half of North America!, laboratory experiments and other evidence from independent research currently being conducted around the world.

Meetings conducted with the assistance of his business partner/wife Cathy Taddei and other friends and associates, Sophia Aeterna meetings represent an inspired, ontological unveiling of the Arcanum, the science at the core of what has come to be called the Perennial Wisdom.

Join us and learn to see through the eyes of 21st Century technology, as well as through the intuitive Gnosis of the Third Eye. Discover with us the science lying at the core of all ancient myths of antiquity will be coaxed into giving up their mystical and spiritual treasures. Hard evidence abounds all over the world of the ancient knowledge.

Sophia Aeterna’s presentations break out of the mainstream scientific boundaries which maintain a stranglehold on ‘sacred scientific’ paradigms. Truth is mankind’s heritage! Transcending the spiritually myopic lens imposed by mechanistic, materialistic science, Sophia Aeterna participants learn the scale of occult and societal diffusion which occurred from Old to New World in ancient times, comprehend the depth of the deliberate cover-up replacing the reality of the aetheric cosmology with mathematical metaphors and inductive rhetoric, and learn for themselves that the stories of high science once existing in an archaic Golden Age, were not myths, and discern that human evolution both runs contrary to Darwin’s remarkably incorrect materialistic model, but that true human evolution is spiritual, and is driven by consciousness itself!


Lead by interdisciplinary researcher and occultist Dorian Taddei, SOPHIA AETERNA Meet-Ups will re-introduce the sacred aetheric cosmology — the secret, sacred science hidden in the Arcanum. It will be demonstrated that this knowledge was the keystone upon which the Perennial Philosophy was erected. As will be shown, proper decipherment of all true occult traditions — their emblematic art and and ideogrammatic symbols — reveals the eternal aetheric, cosmic and spiritual connections between the empirical and intuitive (Chockmah and Binah of Kabbalah) hidden within human consciousness itself: the Arcanum arcanorum!

Demonstrations of alchemical processes, Tantric secrets, Chi-energy demonstrations and hard evidence from Classic Physics re-evaluated in the light of aetheric cosmology, will empower Sophia Aeterna participants in the practical nature of the TRUE Occult Sciences, and various real world applications.


Sophia Aeterna highlights evidences found here in the western Great Basin and along the West Coast of North America. When weather permits, we organize expeditions to occult archaeological locations featuring seminal discoveries in astrology and alchemy, to experience first hand the evidence of ancient cultural and esoteric diffusion. One-day and multi-day field research trips are part of the Sophia Aeterna occult education agenda.

UPDATE: The Covid-19 hysteria has been promulgated across the world, and those who believe it is all accidental and the effects of its promotion as a deadly, global pandemic, have decried public gatherings, even attempting to limit small, private gatherings by fiat, using this disease as their excuse. We are utterly opposed to the limitations being imposed on dialog over the nature of this disease, its alleged dangers and especially on the implementation of mandated lock-downs and restrictions. We will continue to arrange these educational seminars and expeditions, as we are able, while some remaining personal freedoms are still permitted.

In 2020, we will still attempt at least one shorter one-day field trip and might attempt a single overnight in Idaho, along the Snake River. At the locations visit are the remains of some of the ancient Rock Art that tells the TRUE story of the pre-Columbian history of this Continent.

The destruction of Columbus Statues by vandals, is truly a folly. The evidence for the ancient diffusion of Occult truths from the Old to the New Worlds will forever topple the false narratives of mainstream, Western science, regarding the spread of ancient science and light across the planet. Our discoveries set the record straight, and in a peaceful manner.

The shorter expeditions follow evidence of cultural and ancient occult diffusion up the Lower Columbia River (beginning at Washougal, WA), and works its way to John Day Dam. Aeternists (as we like to call ourselves) then gather for a dinner at some local pre-determined venue, for socializing and discussion.

Our longer, overnight research excursions travel up the Snake River into the edge of the Great Basin below Boise, Idaho. The sites visited there offer a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience into a history so far removed from that taught in schools, that Aeternists find this a life changing event. These are more involved at the planning level, and we usually try to run this overnight in early May (for Celtic Beltane) or early August (close to the Lughnasad) the dates of the Celtic 'cross-quarter' days of Summer. This year covid-19 has put a damper on this time, but a possible longer trip to Idaho, might be organized around the 3rd week in September, timed to coincide with the Autumnal Equinox.

These opportunities for like-minded souls, seeking truth and spiritual scientific enlightenment, to experience first hand evidence passed over by generations of scientists untrained in occult truth and ancient traditions, is a real THIRD EYE opener!


As examples of our presentations, we will unveil the Rediscovery of Alchemy, the famous elixir Amrita and European Azoth elixirs will be given free to participants. “Kundalini Rising” is shown to be an entirely empirical experience. We demonstrate that Chi Energy is both measurable and controllable, using devices developed by Dorian. Energy healing is directly demonstrated to be based in “sacred science.”

We demonstrate that the sacred geometry of esoteric masonry had its pre-historic roots of the famous Flower of Life and Kabbalist’s Sephiroth … and that all derived from the “form geometry” of consciousness itself. We travel back in time demonstrating the ‘form geometry’ of the mind as a common link between the races of the Giants, Hobbit people and modern man. We show the roots of Kabbalah are tens of thousands of years old, and were not a Hebrew invention!, and that entheogenic sacraments of ancient man lie at the core of all human evolution!

These topics and much, much more await the seekers of truth and gnosis.

SOPHIA (Ain, Ain-Soph, Ain-Soph Aur)

The word Sophia has its etymology in the ancient Egyptian understanding of the Primeval Waters (symbolic Neter ( http://www.servantsofthelight.org/knowledge/the-egyptian-neters-part-1/ ), referencing the un-dualized etheric fabric of space), the Greek's Aether and Indian Akasha. Through its association with concept of the etheric fabric as pure light (intelligence embedded in aether), the Egyptian Soph eventually becomes anthropomorphized into the Sophia of early Gnostic and Christian mysticism. The concept of Soph is the same as the Holy Ghost, the Indian Akasha, and was even called the "Light of Christ" my Mormon 'prophet' Joseph Smith. All of these terms are derived from the singular ancient science of the Arcanum.

SOPHIA AETERNA (Eternal Wisdom) is a group dedicated to revealing and integrating the true science which unites both physical and spiritual realities.

What if all of the major contending religions, as well as principle empirical scientific theories attempting to explain the true origins of matter, light, and life itself … are all fundamentally wrong? What if one truth could reveal the Hermeticist’s ALL, even the true nature of God? We insist that this schism between truth and philosophy, science and religion, is the result of a disconnect between Mankind and the true nature of God as pure consciousness. Now, bereft of most of the light of ancient gnosis, modern religions and their ex nihilo ([the universe] made from nothing) doctrines is being echoed in the modern theory of the 'big bang,' the apotheosis of cosmological materialism. As we will discuss, the fact that both of these devolutionary ideas are now touted as agreeing with one another, does not represent the apogee of truth, but instead the nadir of human wisdom.

Join us a we plumb the mysteries of existence, in an open-minded ontological forum that respects both the empirical logic of Chockmah, as well as the intuitive gnosis of Binah. Discover the origins of consciousness.

We hope to see you soon when SOPHIA AETERNA presents its first Seminar Meet-Up titled: Rediscovery of the Great Arcanum!


We are turning this group off for a while (May 27, 2021). To further your esoteric education, buy our books at https://tetraskele.square.site/

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