Past Meetup

Sophos -- Sherman Oaks Philosophical Society Meetup

Price: $5.00 /per person

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For our meeting on September 23rd, we will be reviewing Book II of the Republic, and studying Book III.

Here is our standard intro:

At our meetings, we will discuss philosophers and their ideas, mostly by reading their works in translation. We are studying texts entry ways into ideas.

Those who attend should read the text prior to coming to take full advantage of the discussion, especially if they want to participate in the discussion. Reading the text is not a pre requisite for attending, but it is for particpating in the discussion, beyond asking a few pointed questions.

In our discussions, we take the axioms of a given philosopher (whatever we may determine them to be) as starting points, and will not spend much time critiquing those axioms. In addition, we assume that we may validly read and interpret a text.

Our goal is to be inspired, educated, elevated and deepened by our studies together, and to experience the spiritual delight of studying philosophy in a community of seekers.