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We are human connection who meets locally & Internationally to discuss .......


Only If you OWN a JEEP ( and here we say you must own one or more, but not to rent/lease or borrow one ) you can proceed.

The purpose of this group is to MEET & ENJOY with all those who own a JEEP .Lets come together and Bond as real Jeepers .

Rules :-

A-PLS Don’t ask others about :

1-what their job or what they do.

2-Name or real name if they don’t want to share it.


1-Any Inappropriate photo and/or no photo at all, will make your request and/or membership Declined and/or Banned.


1-This is not a dating group , so writing e-mails and /or mobile numbers , whats app, skype ....etc.,or any other contact info, is NOT allowed here, other wise you will find your self removed out of the group.
2-No advertising of any kind is acceptable here.
3-Bad words and inappropriate photos is prohibited here as well as no photo at all .
4-Any inactive profile for more than 3 months will be deleted.
5-Any one RSVP yes , and don't show up , and don't have an acceptable reason for not changing his/her RSVP to no at least 24 hrs. Before the meetup , will be Removed and Banned.
6-Respect the time and the effort of others, otherwise no body will respect you nor your time and / or efforts.
7-Respect others , others will respect you , or your profile and membership will be terminated at once .
8-Violation to any of the rules above , will lead your membership to this group to be deleted with no further notice.
9-Members of this group are requested to write down their nearest place of residency (not compulsory), so we can arrange a good place to meet.
10-Any member who is not willing to READ the whole conversation about any meetup before commenting , please don't bother your self and others , depending on the organizer/s judgements , you might find your self out of the group with no further notice!.
11-Organizer/s might add more rules in the future , but all the above mentioned rules are unchangeable and non-negotiable.

12-Any member will NOT SHOW (RSVP yes ,and attend ) in FOUR (4) meetups in a row will be REMOVED and BANNED immediately ,with no further notice.

" There is no powerful source of happiness more than you own a JEEP "
Unknown JEEPER

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Visit Ras Al Khaimah, the circle.

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Monthly Circle,Avalunch Alexandria

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The Daily Circle - Avalunch ,Alexandria,Egypt.

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BFL Scout @ Egypt

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